Update, March 31st 2018 - GoFundMe Campaign Launched

IMPORTANT:  After making your donation please take the time to write, or call, your member of Greater Sudbury Council.  Let them know why you feel they should not approve this project on April 10th.


Welcome to Casino Free Sudbury

What is this about?

We are facing the prospect of a large full casino being built in our community by The Ontario Government. This casino, endorsed by the City of Sudbury, and The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, will have a profound negative economic and cultural effect on our community.

1. According to the city and the OLG, $100-150 Million is expected to be lost to gambling in the proposed new full casino.

2. The patrons of the new casino will be 90% local. The majority of patrons from outside the community would be visiting Sudbury regardless of a casino.

3. This vast sum of money lost to gambling will be offset by money not spent on existing businesses and cultural events.

( See CasinoFACTS for details).

The "Casino Free Sudbury" campaign is about educating businesses and charities about the effects of full casinos in remote communities, and giving a voice to those who prefer to develop our community without the impediment of a full casino.

See The Legal Appeal for how we intend to accomplish our goals.

As Niagra Falls ( 2017) 3:53 min
Short Video On Niagara Falls Tourist/Casino area.

Who Are we?

We are a group of local business owners who are very concerned about the economic and cultural effects of a full casino operating in Sudbury.

Heather K. Dahlstrom - Arts Community Canvasser
Tom Fortin - Technology Business Canvasser   
Erin Danyliw - General Canvasser   
Dr. Dennis Reich - Medical  Canvasser
Richard J. Schwar - Charitable Business Canvasser
Michael Gribbons - Mining Equipment Canvasser
Mohamed Zohdy -General Canvasser
Vicki Jacobs - Downtown Canvasser
Chuck Jacobs - General Canvasser
Narasim Katary- Advisor
Jeff Sutton -General Canvasser

Interested in joining the team?  email tom@casinofreesudbury.com