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About the Campaign

The Ontario Ministry of Finance ( via the OLG ) has publically stated that a casino must have the support of the host community in order to proceed.

The Casino Free Sudbury campaign provides the opportunity to area businesses to let the Minister of Finance know;

"We believe a full casino is not in the best interests of the City of Greater Sudbury and demand a moratorium be placed on any expansion of casino type gambling facilities in our community.  This includes, changes in size, location, or type of gambling activities. "

We need you, as a business owner, or charity operator, to endorse this message by signing an endorsement letter. Let us be the collective voice of businesses in Sudbury regarding the casino development.

The endorsement letter is confidential and we will make no public disclosure of your endorsement.

Your endorsement letter will be used for lobbying purposes with The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, Greater Sudbury Mayor and council, and the Ontario Minister of Finance.

NOTE:  There is an option on the endorsement letter to allow use of your logo on the web page, mailings and advertisements.  If you feel strongly about this issue, please consider this option as it will help in recruiting other businesses.

No matter what type of business you own, how small or large, profit, not-for-profit, or charitable, every business in our community will be affected if a full casino is built in our city. Take the time to review the CasinoFACTS and Endorse the Campaign.

How Did We Get here?

On May 15, 2012, the City of Greater Sudbury council passed a resolution to endorse the City of Greater Sudbury as a willing host for a new full casino. The resolution was passed without public consultation and following the resolution, public statements by the city touted the increased revenue to the city, and the prospect of a large piece of public infrastructure ( paid for by the casino) as reasons for their support.

The city did later hold a public information form and conduct an on-line survey, however, no objective data on the effect of casinos in remote locations was presented.   A pdf of the presentation is available HERE.

The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce has never provided its members with objective data concerning casinos. It supports the development of a full casino in Sudbury.

Note: We do not advocate for those business owners who disagree with the position of the chamber in this matter to cancel their membership.  A strong and representative chamber is important to the community. Also, as a member it gives us a voice in influencing chamber positions on this, and other issues.

The bottom Line... 

There has been no investigation, or presentation of objective data concerning the effect a full casino would have on our community. This campaign is about giving local business an opportunity to express their concerns about the effects a full casino will have on our community.