Local Casino News and Campaign Updates

Listen: City and CasinoFreeSudbury heading to court over KED

CBC Radio August 7th,  2019

Another reason a casino cannot locate anywhere in Sudbury

CasinoFreeSudbury April 30th,  2019

Why "Place of Amusement" does not include a casino.

CasinoFreeSudbury March 29th,  2019

Strong support for appeal displayed at LPAT Fundraising Dinner. ( VIDEO)

MCTV Feb 22nd,  2019

"We're going to win this!" says leader of anti-casino campaign.

Sudbury.com Feb 22nd,  2019

Spending on KED to Stop, city says

Sudbury Star Jan 17th,  2019

Kingsway Entertainment District Delayed until Late 2021

CBC Jan 16th,  2019

Casino will Undercut Local Business  (Response to Mayor Bigger)

Sudbury Star Dec 9th,  2018

Gateway expresses doubts about its Sudbury casino project.

Sudbury Star Dec 1th,  2018

KED appeals in Sudbury to take longer than expected.

Sudbury Star Nov 7th,  2018

Hilton Hotels "Not Participating" in Kingsway Entertainment District.

 CBC September 19th,  2018

Sudbury Arena and Casino Appeals to Proceed.

Sudbury Star August 9h,  2018

Sudbury District Medical Society Joins CasinoFreeSudbury LPAT appeal.

April 5th,  2018

Greater Sudbury Faith Community Joins CasinoFreeSudbury LPAT appeal.

 April 5th,  2018

Sudbury council did not properly consult on casino.

Sudbury Star April 3 2018

CasinoFreeSudbury GoFundMe Campaign Launched

March 31st, 2018

MUST READ: urbanMetrics KED Financial Impact Report March 12, 2018 ( PDF)

March 12th, 2018

Accent: A Voice against Sudbury's casino.

Sudbury Star Jan 13 2018

Open Letter to Council Jan 10th, 2018 by Tom Fortin

Jan 10, 2018

Downtown BIA Representing 300+ Businesses Endorses CasinoFreeSudbury

Jan 5, 2018

Casino opponent lays out argument.

Sudbury Star Jan 1 2018

Sudbury Accent:Casino Debate continues.

Sudbury Star Nov 26h 2017

Sudbury city council and chamber remind me of growing up.

Northern Ontario Business Nov 9th 2017

Events centre, casino planning a mistake.

Sudbury Star Nov 7th 2017

If you own a business, you should be against the casino.

Northern Life Oct 19th 2017

Public Phase of Campaign Begins Oct 19th!

Oct 19th 2017

The CasinoFreeSudbury campaign to prevent the development of a full casino in Sudbury will enter the public phase on Oct 19th. The quiet phase has yielded endorsements in the hundreds from companies that vary in size from one to many hundreds of employees.


CasinoFreeSudbury Campaign Begins After Labour Day 2017!

July 31st 2017

The CasinoFreeSudbury campaign to prevent the development of a full casino in Sudbury starts after Labour Day 2017.  

News About Ontario Casinos

Peterborough casino openning leaves restaurant's future dicey.

Peterborough Examiner Nov 23rd, 2016

Casino will suck out money, North Bay critic says.

The Sudbury Star June 29th, 2016

Toronto should hold firm and say no to more casinos.

The Globe and Mail July 24, 2017

Waterloo votes "No" to casino.

Global News May 7, 2013

Vaughan kills casino plan.

Toronto Star  Oct 13, 2013

Kingston voters reject casino.

The Peterborough Examiner  Oct 28, 2014

As Niagra Falls ( 2017) 3:53 min
Short Video On Niagara Falls Tourist/Casino area.