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Welcome to Casino Free Sudbury

What is this about?

We are facing the prospect of a large full casino being built in our community by The Ontario Government. This casino, endorsed by the City of Sudbury, and The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, will have a profound negative economic and cultural effect on our community.

1. According to the city and the OLG, $100-150 Million is expected to be lost to gambling in the proposed new full casino.

2. The patrons of the new casino will be 90% local. The majority of patrons from outside the community would be visiting Sudbury regardless of a casino.

3. This vast sum of money lost to gambling will be offset by money not spent on existing businesses and cultural events.

( See CasinoFACTS for details).

The "Casino Free Sudbury" campaign is about educating businesses and charities about the effects of full casinos in remote communities, and giving a voice to those who prefer to develop our community without the impediment of a full casino.

See The Legal Appeal for how we intend to accomplish our goals.

As Niagra Falls ( 2017) 3:53 min
Short Video On Niagara Falls Tourist/Casino area.

Who Are we?

We are a group of local business owners who are very concerned about the economic and cultural effects of a full casino operating in Sudbury.

Heather K. Dahlstrom - Arts Community Canvasser
Tom Fortin - Technology Business Canvasser   
Erin Danyliw - General Canvasser   
Dr. Dennis Reich - Medical  Canvasser
Richard J. Schwar - Charitable Business Canvasser
Michael Gribbons - Mining Equipment Canvasser
Mohamed Zohdy -General Canvasser
Vicki Jacobs - Downtown Canvasser
Chuck Jacobs - General Canvasser
Narasim Katary- Advisor
Jeff Sutton -General Canvasser

Interested in joining the team?  email tom@casinofreesudbury.com